Mexican SIM card

Hey community,
has anyone travelled to Mexico and inserted a mexican SIM card into a fairphone? I know that other brands usually don’t allow outer-European cards but I hope the fairphone does :slight_smile:
Many thanks!

The Fairphone 1(U) is of course open to all networks, but it might be that it does not work with all operators because they communicate via different frequencies. You can check if the Fairphone 1’s frequencies match your desired operator here.

Thank you, Stefan! It says it will work with my chosen provider but only in 2G. That only means that the data exchange will be slower, right? In case the internet connection wouldn’t work via SIM card, I can still use it to call and access the internet via wifi, am I right?

Yes, you will only have really slow internet (between 10 and 85 kbit/s Download and between 10 and 42 kbit/s Upload, if I read the Wikipedia table correctly)(EDGE is not supported in Mexico according to the German Wikipedia).

Yes, calling and SMS should be no problem. WiFi works regardlessly from the SIM card / carrier frequencies.

Thank you so much for your time and help

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