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Are the issues with the data usage monitor url=[/url] url=[/url] which are experienced by @tofra, @Lidwien and @Spielmops eligible for this list? Well, it seems that these issues are hard to reproduce.

Hi all! Is my first time writing here, and my english is not the best (sorry) but, yes Im a bit disappointed in how is my Fairphone 2 working…I have this rebooting issue like 6 times a day, sometimes in “crucial” moments … And this affects I dont know why , to the screen…after the rebooting I have always like “digital errors” in the screen…
Another thing that happens a lot of times, is when Im making a call, and i have my phone next to my ear the screen goes completely off of bright wich is good, but then, when I take it out from my ear the sreen remains black, and I cant see anything, I cant switch off the call, or do anything for a few time…
For what I read here, I see this is a big problem for a lot of people.
I spent like 540 eur for this mobile phone and I wait 6 months to have it…I really believe in the work of Fairphone and in this comunitee, but guys this is a big problem and we want to feel somebody on the other side answering fast (not 8 days waiting…) and taking care of this issue, maybe doing an official comunicate, etc… We, all, the communite, put all our faith in paying all this money in advance believing in this project, please do not disappoint us and be responsable.


I moved your post here as you describe many problems so it doesn’t fit in a topic discussing one specific issue.

You’ll find most of the issues you describe linked in the first post.
These are common issues, but not all phones are affected. You could apply for testing the new update which may fix some of your problems.

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I just edited the first posts of The topics listed above - from random reboots to wifi issues - with possible workarounds and tips how to proceed if they don’t work.
If I forgot some workarounds and tips please let me know! I didn’t make the posts wikis (yet).

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What about the bluetooth issues, they are very common: with some headsets backround noises (workaround for me: switch off BT on FP2 while playing and switch back on), with some other headsets interruptions every 3-5 seconds (no workaround).
And the thing with not charging in charging mode - workaround for me: change USB option to MTP or mount SDcard at my notebook (very, very slow charging), in my car change to mount SDcard (can’t play music from my FP2 then, but it is charging). - Not to mention the fact that there are chargers and cables wich will not charge the FP2 - workaround: buy new chargers and USB data-cables :wink:

The bluetooth interrupts playback issue is considered a bug, so it’s on the #bugslist::tag.
The other bluetooth issue you describe is new to me.
The thread about charging issues is linked in the list above.

Sorry, you are right.
Thanks for the answer

I just updated the list a big again. Imoved issues that were fixed with an update to #software:bug-reports and the #bugslist::tag and added some issues that were missing on the list. Any other issues you guys think deserve to be on the list?


Is the “exclamation mark after reconnecting” really still there? In the linked thread itself I’ve not found posts saying that.

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Good point. I moved it to the fixed bugs on the #bugslist::tag.
If someone still has the issue please let me know.

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As it seems that at least a few people are affected, I think this fits as a common issue, doesn’t it?

Even though it is quite marginal, it’s still a bug - right? But it’s first recognised as one, if a moderator thinks so too and moves it into the bug section - at the meanwhile, it’s counted as a common issue. Did I get the procedure right? :slight_smile:

I bookmarked the issue, but am waiting for a few more replies to see if everybody has it. I’d love to check myself but atm my FP2’s touchscreen doesn’t respond (water damage) so I can’t disable H+ which s sharp on my display.
If it seems everybody is affected I’ll move it right on the #bugslist::tag without a layover here.

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I updated the common issues and introduced a new section:

@Douwe could you check whether someone in the FP team could monitor the hardware issues sublist and where necessary make sure production is optimized?
Would be great if we don’t have to report every issue we find and wait for an official response, but - just like with the #bugslist::tag - know that you guys are aware of an issue if it’s on this list.


Looks like you track the FP1 here as well. Maybe it would make sense to add the FP1 usb port issue to the FP1 list at the bottom as well?


There is also a nice workaround for camera focus issues from @Jochen17. Too bad, no more additional free camera modules for FP2 users :wink:

Update: Just saw that you reference it as DIY fix. I get that now!

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