Messed up the repair 4 times last month

Please, Fairphone, please. think about another repair center as a business partner.

I feel really sorry for the support team that tried to explain me why my phone didn’t get repaired three times - even since I explained the problem and everything. The last time I even sent them an instruction with the phone and explained WHAT’s broken and that another software update won’t help. Still got another software update. yay.

My wife’s PF2 is still under warranty, my FP3 is brand new. Both are not working. The FP2 is flickering, the FP3 is not charging.
Apart from breaking my back cover the repair center did never do any repair: they tried to fix the flickering display with a software update. And sent it back untested. Three times.

Same with the FP3, but only tried it once so far. I got the FP3 back a week ago, fully charged. But my brand new QC3 cable and my fairly new QC3 charger (obviously working with other Qualcom chipped phones) can’t charge my phone. And my computer can’t either.

I lost my trust into that repair center, and therefore also into fairphone. I don’t have several working phones at home, and I live without a smartphone for 3 months already, just because FP is not able to fulfill it’s duties.

Really sad, but I am going to buy a samsung next week. Or a sony? Well: a phone that works and that charges when I plug it in.

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This is a community forum, not a channel to contact the company.
Please go to their homepage at:

Sorry, but up to now I could not find the piece of information where Fairphone officially or directly gave you or anyone else advice to give your Fairphones while still under warranty to anyone else than the company itself for service or repair.

Is there any more information you can provide to our community?
We are eager to learn about other users experience as well.

…as expected with its own shipped charger and cable.

That would had worked for FP3 as well with the offered charger + cable from the Fairphone shop as many other users here can state.

well, the repair center seems to be “Cordon Electronics”, which is the customer service for Fairphone. It’s an official warranty repair, organized by the support center.

quote from Fairphone: “When you do not have the right charger at home, ask family or friends if they have a spare charger or USB-C cable. As long as it matches the technical specifications it should be good to go!”
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I doublechecked the specs and everything. And the cable works with other QC3 devices. if FP uses it’s own standard, there is no clue in telling people to ask for usb c cables anywhere else. And I think I wouldn’t have bought it, since I don’t want even more different cables in my home, just because THIS phone is not accepting the other USB C cables.

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