Messages not received by others

Hi i am wondering if i can have some advice, i think this may be a phone problem rather than a network problem, but people abroad do not receive messages from me when i send them (all the time) and I receive messages multiple times sometimes, which indicates that my phone is not signalling to other networks that it’s received messages.

Any advice about what i can do?

You should probably check the phone numbers. They must not contain any non-numerical characters, like e.g. ()/\.

Maybe people are just texting you multiple times because they do not receive your replies?

I’ve asked people if they’ve sent the message more than once but they
always say no. Sometimes I get the duplicate message a day later?

ok, but what about the phone numbers?

No hashes or anything. They used to receive messages from me in the past
and I haven’t changed anything

Then I would try a new SIM card. SIM card get defunct pretty fast, unfortunately… But contacting your network operator also might be a good idea. I feel that the community can’t help you with this here on the forum… :frowning:

Just to be sure: you are talking about standard text messages (SMS), using the standard “Messages” app?

Considering messages not arriving at your contact’s side: you’ve got the right country code, there’s no additional prefix you need to drop or add, (in Germany, that would mean dropping a 0 in front of the city code, but I experienced that this differs in other countries even based on the operator, e.g. a 1 after the country code would indicate a specific network and would curiously have to be dropped in some cases AFAIR), and they used to receive the messages when you were using the Fairphone already?

yes the codes are all there, and the phone is the same as the one i was
using previously when they got my messages! It’s very puzzling!

And it’s the standard Messages app, not TextSecure or anything else?
Did you try switching the SIM slots?