Message: SIM card connection loss

Since the last update… I keep losing my provider connection. Keep getting the message that I have no SIM card… that it is not there…have to re-enter PIN… various times before it’s accepted…this always happens before and around android updates. This time it’s really bad!!! Constantly retyping PIN. Provider is A1.

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Did you check whether the SIM card is properly in place?
Or try the other SIM slot?
Or, if the SIM card is several years old, perhaps you could request a new one from your provider?


Hi Gabriela,
This is rather strange. “Always” is a big word. Do you really mean that (it’s likely important)?

How has the problem been resolved in the past? Or did it just “go away”?

Have you been in touch with your operator A1 about this?

Have you tried swapping the SIM with one from another operator? Ask someone you can trust if you can borrow theirs.


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