Memory space issues solved?

At the risk of making a fool of myself in front of the whole community, but I simply have to know wether the memory space problems which are the bane of the FP1 are solved now once and for all for FP2.

Currently I’m using an FP1 which is operating well - if not for one major problem: Memory space. Updates for my apps don’t work anymore because of purported memory shortage. Only there can’t be any memory shortage because I inserted a 64 GB-SD-card and also changed the setting of memory management so that apps should be installed not in the primary phone-memory but in the extended memory. That shoud have given me at least 8 GB instead of 1, but it does not work. The phone still only uses the 1 GB primary memory, hence the memory shortage.

I know that there is a technical solution for that particular problem, but that requires a lot more technical understanding than I’ll ever possess. I’m not into nerd-world that much, thank you. I simply want to use the basics of a smartphone, not construct one from scratch - but I still appreciate you trying to produce a phone as ecologically and socially compatible as possible. So I’d like to buy an FP2, but only if you can guarantee I won’t encounter the same memory issues with that.

You mentioned the storage upgrade which would solve your FP1 problem and which you do not want to do. The memory shortage you are suffering from was already solved with the introduction of the FP1U, and the FP2 does not have that problem from the beginning either.

Thank you very much for the fast reply. That is good news!

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