Meetup in Barcelona?

I’ll spread the word in the Spanish threads. :wink:

Hi there,

That sounds awesome! I would like to join you. This Sunday I’ll spend the day with my girlfriend on La Ovella Negra de Marina, there is a second hand market (On The Garage, you can check it on Facebook). It’s also a tabern, so this could be an awesome place to meet.

If that’s not possible, I could try to go elsewhere. Where did Carlos suggest?

Also, I can also get to know Carlos, we worked together on the Fairphone software translations to catalan and spanish :grinning:


I am really excited to meet other Fairphone community members and staff at last!

Joe proposed to meet in a centric place, so here are some suggestions (feel free to add new ones or comment on the existing ones):

  • Wokimarket is a market-like place with ecological and proximity food which also has a restaurant. It’s not cheap (even expensive for me) but it’s aligned to FP’s values and very centric (see map). It also opens on sundays.
  • Iposa I think foreighneirs may like this place and its surroundings and it has vegetarian food (although I can’t remember if they have ecollogical food or not)
  • Fàbrica Moritz : it’s an enormous local brewery, quite fashionable.
  • Additionally Joaquim Costa is a street with many places to drink and eat something. Casa Almirall is one of them, and its decoration is quite typical from our Catalan past (see picture)

I think it may be easier if some moderator created a poll out of this with times and places to meet.

Edit (by @Stefan): The poll is here.

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Hi @Stefan,

Can you please add La Ovella Negra de Poble Nou to the poll?

There is also Taverna Rústica L’Ovella Negra which is more centric.

Thank you!

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Ok, there is a problem: I cannot edit an existing poll. I suggest to wait a bit, until we have a final selection of options.

Glad to hear the excitement! So we have this poll going for the location:

(@stefan, let’s just say these options are final)

Are we thinking Sunday evening like 2000?


Hi. I’m interested on this meeting as a fairphone owner and staff. Please let me know time and place and I’ll see if I can come.

It’s looking like the brewery, sounds nice. What time is typical in Barcelona for such an activity? :slight_smile:

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I’m confirming that @anon30133089 and I will be at Fàbrica Moritz tomorrow, Sunday 1 March. Let’s meet at 2000.

I’ll be wearing a Fairphone T-shirt and you can see my photo here or on the site to flag me down. Send me a PM if you have any questions/concerns.

Fins demà!

Ronda de Sant Antoni, 39 - 41, 08011 Barcelona, Spain


See you in a while there!

Hi all,

I’m afraid I won’t be able to assist, the second hand market is very crowded and it also closes at 8pm :frowning:

Maybe next time! Have fun!

Ops! I haven’t seen it on time!!! :frowning: Hope you have had fun!
I’m glad to see that MWC includes some sustainability issues and not just super-happy-and-perfect-future-technologies-in-an-endless-world.

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The same happened to me @MariaTura , I didn’t see this post on time…and Sunday I was busy.
What about having a #Whearefairphone meeting in Barcelona another day? It’s not necessary to have the MWC going on, although it would have been great to meet some of the staff as well.
We could even make up a new group within the neutral Meetup platform to have some “charlas” once in a while, what do you think @anon90052001 and the others?

A while back, I wrote this little guide:


I’m sorry I’m late, but I just wanted to say briefly that Fabrica Moritz is not a brewery at all, and it’s not even local (it’s produced in Zaragoza, in La Zaragozana brewery). Moritz is all about pretending, all fake. And Mortiz beer is really bad (this is just an opinion). If you want a beer pub here in Barcelona you can go to Garage Beer Co or to Black Lab. If you just want good craft beer go to BierCab, best place in Barcelona with 30 beers on tap.



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@DESconnect @MariaTura I’d be glad to join you on another meetup.

Thanks for sharing this useful wiki, @Stefan.

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If you guys form a permanent community in Barcelona / Spain, you could add yourselves to the Fairphoners address book. :slight_smile:

Hi all,

For those who live in/around Barcelona - our product innovation team member Miquel is going to attend an event there next week (Wednesday and Thursday - 17/18 June).

The event is called Challengers, and we’d like to invite some community members. If you’re interested, send me a PM!

More info:


Thanks @joe I will be glad to join you and meet Miquel!

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I’m interested: @Marc__cb to come at Challengers

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