Meet the changemakers: Climène Koechlin

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We’re on a journey to change the electronics industry – and we’re not alone. While the Fairphone is a physical expression of the possibility of change, it also happens to be a great storytelling device that connects us with inspiring changemakers from all over.

In this series, we want to shine a light on our Fairphone Ambassadors: A group of bright individuals that share our vision of a fairer future and contribute to sustainable change in their own meaningful way. Next up is Climène, an advocate for sustainable business!

Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do.

My name is Climène and I am in charge of the development of the B Corp community in France. B Corp is a movement of companies using business as a force for good – like Fairphone which is also B Corp certified. Currently I’m working from home, like so many people during this moment. I live in a small village near Bordeaux where I grow flowers, herbs, fruits and vegetables. I have started a training course in permaculture.

How did you first learn about Fairphone?

When I organized the World Forum for a Responsible Economy in Lille, an international event about sustainable economies, I was looking for some of the most sustainable and innovative companies in the world. That was when I heard about Fairphone back in 2014 and I invited them to speak at this event!

Was there a turning point in your life that made you act/think more sustainably?

There has been no turning point as such, but a progressive and permanent awareness, and certainly an education geared towards respect for others and nature.

What is something you’re super passionate about?

I am passionate about art and nature, which probably explains why I love land art, walking and cycling and cultivating my own garden

What is something you can’t live without?


What is a tip you give people to live more sustainably?

Listen to the earth and to yourself.

Can you show us your 3 favorite photos taken on the FP3 and tell us why?

1) During the 1st lockdown when my daughter was making masks in the garden

2) Visiting Salgado’s exhibition in Brittany in September 2020

3) Cosmos flowers in my garden at the end of November 2020

How does Fairphone and using the Fairphone 3 help you do what you do?

Fairphone 3 is like any smartphone, the only difference is that you are proud to use it! You can explain to people more easily how you can change your consumption habits by using your smartphone as an example. When I explain about B Corp, I show my Fairphone to give an example of a company that embodies the values of the movement.

You can follow Climène and on LinkedIn as well as B Lab France for more news . For more on Climène, and our other Fairphone Ambassadors, stay tuned to this blog or head on over to our community page.


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