Media formats for FP4

Hello, I would like to hear if there are any plans to include the ability to playback ogg audio files ?
Thanks in advance.

Why shouldn’t that not possible now? VLC can do it for example.


According to the specifications those are the supported audio codecs (on the hardware side):

AAC, LC, AAC+, eAAC+, AAC ELD, AMR-NB, AMR-WB, FLAC, MP3, Opus, WAV, Vorbis, ALAC, AIFF, AP, LDAC (Source: Fairphone Shop)

There’s (Ogg) Vorbis in there, should play just fine.


Ah, I need to choose YouTube Music to play them not in the same player that plays mp3.

if the File browser doesn’t play an ogg (vorbis or opus) it’s a bug. It is supported by the system media libs in software since ages.

The file browser doesn’t handle media playback, if there’s no app installed that supports .ogg files it doesn’t matter if the underlying framework is capable of decoding it.

androids documentsui (the File browser) uses the system media framework to decode, give it a try… here are sample files:

(download and use File browser, not “play”):

if it’s not surfaced to your launcher, you can use adbs “am” activity manager to start it:

adb shell am start

though I’m not sure if its in the fp4 stockrom builds, then mea culpa

Stock FPOS uses the proprietary I don’t have access to a phone running stock at the moment so I can’t test if it works there. Last time I checked (when this topic was fresh) it didn’t.

It definitely doesn’t work in the open source if you don’t have any music app on your phone:

(proprietary vs aosp doesn’t play in this) - I think it is a bug akin to what it was when FP3 was unable to decode vorbis with the system media framework - … actually calyx people have it fixed for Android 12 + FP4:

Those don’t deal with documentsui or it’s ability to play back music whatsoever, the FP4 one is about not advertising hardware offloading support for vorbis files!

Does it look something like this for you?

If it does, that’s the music app creating that overlay, in my case org.calyx.eleven.
Disable all your apps capable of playing music and try again please.

you’re right, I wasn’t aware Eleven is handling the overlay. But ! - it is still a valid test for the media framework.

Eleven does not have it’s own decoding capabilities but relies on the android media framework (compared to 3rd party apps as VLC that bring their own libs and do it in software).

Removing the hw offload supp very much is relevant for any apps that rely on vorbis and do not bring their own libs / frameworks. That can result in silence when you expect audio to play, can be messenger apps too that have no fallback.

I’m going back on @Ib_Hojme remarks on how…

… to play them not in the same player that plays mp3.

If that player was relying on the media framework for mp3, ogg vorbis should’ve worked too

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