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I am looking for media control shortcuts. I can control the volume. In order to pause the music/media I have to open the subsequent app.

I used Spotify/YouTube/VLC so far. On regular android devices, there is a quick menu next to your notifications.

Fairphone 4 Fairphone OS

I use VLC (on an FP3 runnning /e/OS Android though), and during playback, I can pull down the notifications and see a miniature of what’s playing with an overlay including a play/pause button. Doesn’t this appear on your FP4?


Similar to @urs_lesse on my FP3 with MP3 Player and visible on lock screen, so no need to pull down notifications.


Yeah, it works the same on my FP4. Every media app has a notification with controls. It’s also visible directly on the lock screen so you don’t even have to unlock the phone.


Same here on FP4 with stock FP OS: Any media player I used so far shows the lock screen notification. Maybe you disabled those notifications unintentionally or your lock screen settings are configured in such a way generally?


I’m not aware of disabling anything. I looked for settings related to media or control or shortcut unsuccessfully.

The only “mod” I installed is nova Launcher. Before installing nova launcher my phone behaved identically.

Here are screenshots while Spotify is running

I use Nova launcher as well, so it’s not that. From your screenshot I also guess that you have lock screen notifications set to “all”.
Please have a look at SettingsSoundMediaMedia player in Quick Settings

I turned the feature on.

Is it possible that my android backup overwrote essential settings from my older smartphone ? Sony xz3

It should work even when this options is disabled (as it does in my case) when any media app is running. The option just ensures that the notification stays there for a longer time period so you can easily resume playing even when the app is turned off.


That is true. But if this didn’t work, I’m out of ideas.

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Please check in app settings if notifications are allowed for these apps.


I had similar issues with audible on my FP3 and found that notifications for the app were disabled. So even if you dont remeber to have changed something I would check notification settings for each APP, when overall notifications are allowed and are allowwd on the lockscreen


The notifications were turned off :roll_eyes:

Thx. It works as intended.


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