Maximum MicroSD card/recommended chargers- Fairphone 2

Mine fails to mount as well.

If you dont mind to put more than 3GB files on your SD card, FAT32 should work fine.

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I managed to get it to work. Although I don’t know if my SD card is now formatted as exFAT or FAT32 (frankly I don’t care as long as it works).

  • I first formatted the SD-card with SD card formatter. I’m actually not sure that this step is even necessary.
  • Then I inserted the SD card into the FP2.
  • Settings -> Storage -> scroll down to SD card
  • Tapped ‘Erase SD card’ -> SD card is now successfully mounted (some default files/folders are created, like LOST.DIR and Android).

Hope this helps!


Thanks a lot! “Erase SD card” is the solution to get it recognized :slight_smile: Since my card was brand new and empty, i didn’t even lose anything!

I did the same. It gets reformatted (sort of, because it goes very fast) to FAT32. The good thing is that exFAT is poorly supported under linux, it took several days to copy 180GB of music files. And I don’t need the support for files >3GB.

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Thanks, this did the trick with my new SD card (64 GB) which was not recognised. I had to reformat it with SD card formatter. Before this, the card was not detected and the menu “Erase SD card” was greyed.

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Sorry but I can not find the following specific information:
What is the maximum size SD card supported by the Fairphone 2?
64? 128? 200?
Thank you for your reply.
I need information before ordering.

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I’m using 128, but read here 200 works too…

Hallo Folks.
I tried a SanDisk Ultra 200GB microSDXC Class 10 and it works in a Fairphone 2.
The bad thing is, that the card is formatted by FP2 to Fat32.
I formatted the SD-Card in ext2,but the FP2 cannot read it.
Does somebody know which file systems are read- and writeable by the FP2 OS?

As far as I know, only FAT32.

128gb Samsung Pro Plus funktioniert einwandfrei!

Hello I have a problem.

I mount the SD card into the parameters of Fairphone.
It works.
I turn off my Fairphone.
I remove my SD card from my Fairphone.
I connect my SD card to my PC.
I put 30GB of music.
I replace my SD card in my Fairphone.
I light.
And, surprise, my music folder no longer that 1,74Go!

And I do not have access in writing to my SD card.
If I want to create a folder via Amaze, I am asked to give write access, but it does not work. Nothing is happening.

Can you explain to me and help me?

Thank you very much.

Maybe your computer reformatted somehow your SD card. Did you already try to copy the music via USB?

About the writing access: Are you sure you really followed all the steps in the pop-up window ? I ask, because it’s a bit complicated and the first time I did it, it wouldn’t work either…

I’d recommed formating the sdcard with ext4 rather than using extfat/fat. It works better with Linux especially compared to exfat.

As far as I know, the FP2 only “understands” FAT32. Or did I miss an important upgrade (I’m still on 1.7)?

No it unterstand ext2, ext3 and ext4 along FAT. If it won’t accept ext4 you couln’d boot^^
You just need manually format the sdcard to ext4 since sdcard need have FAT32 (or exFat 128GB onwards) to be comaptible. However this is no issue when you use it only with Linux devices.

There’s a mount-line in fstab for the external sd-card and the filesystem in this line is vfat!

and so what? /etc/fstab is just a config file?

In the following page, it is written :

You can use MicroSD cards of up to 64GB (of any of the formats available in the market: SD / SDHC or SDXC).