Max frequency of speaker

I want to test how my cats react to cat repellent (noise thingy). I played 30 khz on it and heard it slightly, but i am not sure if the speaker really is able to output 30khz. is he? I cant find it in the web. i found out it is the model " f4ldsp-1 zw-ww1 ".

I don’t know, but for sure you are not able to hear a signal with 30kHz.


You may have heard a harmonic of 30 KHz unless you are very young, but 30K is stretching it for a human.

And that number is the part number not the actual speaker ref:

Then OFF Topic a bit

I must say they are readily available which surprised me.

I know. 30 kHz is too high for normal human ears. That’s one reason that frequency can be used as a carrier wave, with more normal modulation. (And in some cases, that can be used to ‘laser’ sound in quite narrow beams.
(Was a stunning demo when one of my uni professors presented his ‘last lesson’ when he retired. )

As for hearable harmonics of 30 kHz, I doubt whether that’s standard use of the word harmonics.
I only encountered harmonics higher than the ‘base’ tone. So 30kHz itself could be a harmonic of 15 (1/2), or 10 (1/3) or 20 (2/3) kHz.
I can imagine using the word, though to name these intervals. All three of those are within the range of human ears, though I wouldn’t be surprised that 20kHz may be too high for 60+ y-o me.

Sure sub-harmonic may have been a better use of word . . . s

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