Mass storage (USB keys, GPS) don't recognized anymore since update 3.A.0129.20210805

Hello !

I tried to connect my bike GPS to my phone and it is not recognized anymore. I used to import/export GPX from my phone during my bike trips and I don’t know how to do now…

I tried to connect a USB key, and also to change my USB C adaptator but nothing worked…

Thanks a lot for your help !

Hi. So this may be related to recent update, . . . was it OK before that

I think I installed the last update as soon as it was available, but I only tried the USB connexion last week and it was not working anymore…

That’s my post.
I started a thread to have more visibility.

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Ha! I should pay more attention :flushed: I’ve now deleted the posts that refer to that

Although you may therefore be the only one, it may be an idea to add the Update No. to the title ??

Ok I’ve been looking at my set up. Under Dev Option the USB deafult was set to No data transfer so I changed that to File transfer.

However if I go via Search > USB and select USB Preferences

  • USE USB FOR is still on No data transfer.
  • USE CONTROLLED BY and all options are greyed out

Using different cables etc. IF rated.
Cables are OK as I can connect to PC for ADB

So there is no showing under storage.

I’m sorry but I didn’t understand everything… :grin:
You confirm that it is not working on your phone either ?

Edit: I discovered that my phone is also no longer recognized by Win10. Maybe it is linked ?

I hoped to see any external USB storage device come up under Settings > Storage but see nothing or anyway to access my USB device connected to the USB-C port

I don’t understand how did you solve that problem?
I have the same issue with my FP3+: my PC win 10 doesn’t recognize my FP3 what can I do?

Welcome to the Fairphone community.

As this is about connecting external storage devices to a FP3, it’s a different situation as you describe.
Is your phone charging when connected to your computer? Which software are you running on your FP3?

yes the phone is charging when connected and the software running is Android 10, patch 5. Jan '22, is that answering your questions?
OK I see that the app My Fairphone and Android system need an update I will let you know if after the update I still have problems…

OK is it solved after the update

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I wasn’t asking about updates to make it work, but depending on the software, the steps are different.

If you connect your phone to the PC and it starts charging, you can swipe down the notification screen. There you can see a message, that your phone is connected and only charging.

Android System Charging this device via USB

In the options (Tap for more options), you can choose which data connection you need:

  • File transfer
  • USB Tethering
  • MIDI
  • PTP
  • No data transfer

EDIT: Ok after the updates it worked immediately?

I didn’t solve the issue.
My Fairphone is now detected by Win10, but I still cannot link my Garmin GPS…

I realized yesterday that it’s working again…

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