Marshmallow SDcard Internal Storage

I’d like to buy a 64 GB SDcard in order to use the Marshmallow “Internal Storage” option to be able to install Open Camera on it and to save my pictures and videos directly on the SDcard.

Is anybody already tried to install Open Camera app on an Internal Storage SDcard and did it work ?

I also need to know what’s happen if I re-install my OS with the Internal Storage Option : does the SDcard need to be to formated before to be used with the freshly installed OS or can I use the old “Internal Storage” from the previous installation ?

I need to know if I need to back-up all my files before to re-install the OS.


You can move Open Camera to the adopted SD card, but there is no need to. If you format the SD card as internal storage (and migrate your data to it) it will become the (only) storage for photos and other user data. Moving apps to the SD card only makes sense if you run out of phone storage.

A factory reset renders the adopted SD card’s content inaccessible by erasing the key required to decrypt it. So yes, you absolutely have to make a backup!


I would simply format the card as external storage. OpenCamera can still save pictures to it, even if the app itself is on the internal storage.

Make sure to buy a fast SD card, like Class 10 or better, because otherwise it could reduce the speed when taking picture series or when having a large picture library.

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Great news for Open Camera.
As I also need to save my so many music files on a SDcard this means that I’ll have to use the Internal Storage option, except if I can find a app installed on my Fairphone and that is able to read the files on the SDcard …

Thank you for your answers and advises.

I use CameraMX, i think it is same as your App.
I also use a 64 Go SDCARD.
Everything is well to the parameters of CameraMX to save the pics on the SDCARD.

I’m using N7 Player to play my mp3’s on the external SD card. Iirc Vanilla (available from F-Droid) is also capable of doing so.

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After checking Vanilla Apk parameters I found how to read my Music files from my current SDcard …
So I suggest myself to check my Apk parameters before to ask my question on the Forum …
Thanx everybody !

Hi, I’m afraid I’m going to look stupid now, but how exactly does one move photos etc to a new SD card? I can’t find any option to do it, either in storage settings or on the files themselves. I have set up Open Camera to store new pics there, but need to move all the old ones, plus other media, apps if possible to free up space. Please tell me I’ve just missed something simple. Thanks!

Well, if you want to have all your pictures and other files on your SDcard, you have to copy/paste them from internal storage to your SDcard.

You can do it using Amaze.
Is that what you were looking for ?

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