Many problems and bug

here is the list of my problems I’m Sorry to ask that here.

1 the phone is painfully slow and sometimes crashes, I said that I have not installed any applications.
2 you can not always have the same panel when I slide my fingers from left to right or right to left. sometimes the contacts, sometimes running applications or whatever.
3. you can not bookmark a application on the desktop. if I at length based on the single icon can delete is active.
4. it is impossible to find the paramêtres, I can not.

But especially the phone is very very very slow, as if he was performing a background task that he takes all his memory, I said that the phone is new, I have nothing installed and the battery is charged, that I have already tried what was noted on the forums and procedures manual

I am very worried that I have big problems with this phone.

thank you for your response

You stated you tried what was noted on the forum, but did you also do a hard reset yet? Maybe this can help to solve some problems…
If the problem persists, I would advise you to contact the support. This sounds like a serious problem.

Thank you for your respons
a hard reset is not a reboot ?

No, it’s quite different and you loose all data on your phone. So make sure you have a backup!
Since I don’t have a FP2 (yet), I’ve no idea how to do it on a FP2, but the instructions for the FP1 are here.

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It works the same on FP2 :slight_smile:

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Then maybe the title of that page should be updated, I guess :slight_smile:

Ok I tried a hard reset at the start and it change nothing :frowning:

what do you suggest for title ?

I mean the title of the help-page about the hard reset. Now it reads “How to perform a Hard Reset on my Fairphone 1”, but if it is also valid for the FP2, they could just leave out the “1” :wink:

I think my phone have a serious hardware problem

In that case it’s probably best to contact support directly: you can open a ticket here, or scroll all the way down on the same page for phone contact details.

I’ve just did it
thank you