Manual installation FP 4 OS command error

I wanted to download e/os on my FP 4, but it didn’t work. Now there isn’t any OS on my FP.
Therefore I followed the “Fairphone 4 OS Manual Installation” guide. But after “flashing participations” has started, it got stuck somewhere in the process.
What can I do?
Is it too risky to close the command?

Well, difficult to say. Is there any error message while getting stuck? Did you make sure to have unlocked critical partitions, too?

There is no error message.
How do I unlock critical partitions? I can’t remember if I dit that

fastboot flashing unlock_critical

Do you mean this one?

I think that’s for installing Fairphone OS. So I’d rather follow this guide:

EDIT: or reviewing your first post, did you want to go back to FPOS after installing /e/OS failed?

I want to go back to FPOS after e/os installation has failed.
Someone told me to install FPOS and then try the e/os installation again

Is it too risky to close the command?

Well, I can’t guarantee there’s no harm in closing it.
But at least I can say I’ve never read here on the forum that closing a failed flashing command bricked the FP4.
And as there’s anyway no working OS on the phone at the moment…
So I think I’d close the command and start with a new attempt.
Didn’t starting the flashing script generate any output?

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