Malfunction of the "movement of telephone contacts widgets to the home screen"

Since I updated to 1.8 Kola Nut, I am no longer able to move the widgets phone contacts to the home screen.
There are no problems with other types of widgets (eg facebook messenger, camera, SMS / MMS, etc …). The problem is only with widgets telephone contacts …
Is there a solution?
Thank you,


what exactly is the problem, is an error message displayed?


The message says “the widget is well sent to the home screen”… But,
in fact, the widget never arrive.
I’ve tried many times with different contacts and it never works.

No, I can’t reproduce it. Just tryed to add Contact Widgets to my Homescreen and it worked fine. Do you have tried to clear the Contacts App cache? Thats the only idea I have.


And how to clear that?

system settings > apps > scroll to contacts, tap it > clear cache

The cache was empty …
Any other idea ? :smile:

do you use a custom launcher? because i don’t remember the fairphone launcher to display messages when widgets were successfully added to the screen.
but sorry no ideas.

@Hugues_Dutrannois Any news on this?

No, unfortunately, I have no solution …

Then please answer @paulakreuzer’s question:

I only have the original custom launcher from fairphone.
I changed nothing.

Ok, I know what you mean now!!! :smile:
See this:

This sentence rang the bell for me! Ok, what you did, is that you went to the contacts app, clicked on a contact and then you wanted to place it on the home screen. This doesn’t work at the moment, and hopefully will be solved in the next update.

Solution for you is: Long press on the home screen, then select widgets and choose “contact”. You will be prompted to select a contact. It will then appear on the homescreen.

Does it work for you? :slight_smile:

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You’re the best !
It works perfectly. Thank you.
It will helps me everyday with my work contacts I call several times a day.
Thank you very much Stephan.

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Glad this worked for you!

PS.: It’s Ste f an. :wink:

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