Malfunction earphone / headphone

earphones and headphones FP3 do not work. trilling sounds.

During calls, when listening to music, …? What kind of earphones do you use, w/ cable or Bluetooth? Any more details that might help solving your issues?


It occurs when lissing to music and during with all the ear/headphones with cable.

Dear Patricia and Thomas,

I am still waiting for an answer to the earphones problem.

Eddy, you are exclusively speaking with other Fairphone users here, so cannot expect them to answer. If you want to contact Fairphone Support, do so here:

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Hi there,
I have the same problem, everytime i link earphones with cable I get these trilling sounds. I checked with the earphones of my old Smartphone (Motorola One - the earphones work fine with other devices) and with an aux-Cable of my HiFi at home. I will organize another pair of headphones to check again but I am afraid, that there is some issue with my fairphone.
Pls let me know if your Problem was fixed @eddy or if someone else has any idea what the problem/ solution might be.

Hi Alewa

I have send the FP to France to be examined.

I will inform you when they bring me the results.

Hello, I have that same problem. This trilling sound started suddenly today, I have tried with different headphones and it’s the same for all. Any update?

Hi BrandyP,

After I got my phone back and there was an update everything worked.


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