Making voice Messages don't work

I cant make any voice Messages anymore since my Phone fell on a Nutella Sandwich😬. I cleaned my Microphone.
I’m thankfull for any sugestions.

Ich kann keine Whats App Sprachnachrichten mehr aufnehmen, seit dem mein Handy auf mein Nutella Brot fiel. Ich habe das Mikrofon eigentlich gesäubert. Ich bin sehr dankbar für jede Art von Tipps.

Hi and welcome. only whatsapp, everything else works? You can call *#*#2886#*#* and test the microphones, the FP4 has 3 in total.


Yes, calling and listening to music work. I did this test, mic 1 to receiver does not Work.

ok I think that should be the bottom mic, is it the one that had the Nutella accident? How did you clean?

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Yes. I cleaned it with a qtip.

hmmm, looking at the FP3 mic holes in the frame I would say with a Qtip you will not be able to really get out everything when you do not open the FP. I assume you did not disassamble for cleaning? maybe do this and try to clean again with isopropylalcohol