Making the most of Dual SIM

Why does the website contain the following misleading paragraph about user profiles, on a page about dual SIM, when it is not possible to allocate a specific SIM to a specific user? This is misinformation. I have wasted a lot of time trying to make this work, whereas even the contact-binding feature from FP1 is no longer available.

“Further customize your experience with user profiles
Once you’re comfortable with dual SIM, you might want to take the next step in customizing your Fairphone 2 with user profiles. Similar to the profiles you can create on your computer, user profiles allow you to set up different accounts for different purposes.
Separating your work and personal life is one example. You can make different “Home” and “Work” profiles, each with a different email account, different messaging service and different apps. Or if you split your time between two countries, you may want to create a profile for each. And finally, a bonus tip for parents: You can also make a special profile just for your kids – Add their favorite games, apps and videos and you’re good to go.
To create user profiles on your Fairphone 2, swipe down with two fingers from the top of your screen and tap the top right button for User Profiles. Here you can set a variety of preferences and add a password if you’d like.”

The blog post does not actually claim that you can assign a SIM card to a specific user profile (which unfortunately you can’t). But I understand why bringing up Android user profiles in an article about Dual SIM could be considered misleading (since those are unrelated features).

So will you change the blog to avoid confusing your customers? On third reading, once convinced there was no way to use different SIM for different users, I realised the blog did not ACTUALLY say that you could. But the impression of putting that in the article is that all this functionality is linked. Being ethical includes not misleading people, in my book.

This is a community forum, not the company. Fairphone employees might read along here occasionally … or not.
The “you” you address here are mostly users like you :wink: .

Pinging @Monica.Ciovica, perhaps she can help.


I most certainly won’t because I don’t work for Fairphone (like most people here).

If you want a response from Fairphone you have to contact them directly.

Thanks - good point :grimacing:

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Hi @Jennysp apologies for any misunderstandings in the blogpost. I shared it with my colleagues and they will make some edits to make sure the message is clearer.


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