Making my Fairphone quiet - except for calls!

Hello fellow Fairphoners

I would love to be able to make my Fairphone silent for everything except phone calls. So no noise or vibrations when I get an email or a text, or when I start my Fairphone up, or when I shut it down - nothing, nada, nichevo, zero. But I’m finding it really hard. There’s always an unexpected beep or a burp. Can anyone tell me an easy way to shut all the noises and vibrations off please? I just want my Fairphone to ring when someone calls me - that’s all.

Thanks, Alexis in London

Hi Alexis.

Niente, nullo, nix I don’t think is possible.^^
Haven’t tried this out myself:
Hope this helps.

Take a look here as well (change/delete system sound):

Don’t know if you can disable all sounds/vibrations, but most of them.
In System settings>Audio profile you can disable notification sound (choose ‘none’ from the top of the list) and also disable touch sounds/vibration. Tap the ‘levels’ icon under 'Predefined profiles’
For e-mails you may have to adjust the settings in your mail client app.
The only thing I haven’t been able to get rid of is the vibration that occurs when turning off the phone but I can live with that.

Ok great – I think you may have cracked it in terms of the odd burps and beeps. In Audio Profiles there’s an icon to the right of General which gives more settings. In there under Notifications it has a Default notification sound which was set to Proxima. Now set to none. I guess that’s maybe what you meant. Anyway thanks. And yes, I can also live with the vibration when I turn the phone off! Thanks.



maybe this Widget might be interesting for you. It allows to Control the volume of Androids different sound channels separately.



Brilliant. Thanks very much.

Glad you sorted and that it was just a case of turning the default notification off.

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