Main mic broke, looking for a bottom module

Hi there, it looks like I missed @Leo_TheCrafter 's generous offer.

What’s broken in my phone is the microphone present in the bottom module, no issues with the USB connector nor the speaker. I’m surviving by doing calls in loudspeaker. Quite unconfortable. If I don’t find a solution, I will have to get a complete phone, and nobody wants that!

If opening the module and resoldering the microphone is an option, I will give it a try also.

Any recommendations?
Any FP2 previous user selling its parts? I’m in Spain.

PS: Seing the enthusiastic response to the proposal of New Fairphone 2 Bottom Module with an appropriate case , Fairphone the company should consider adopting the project or at least produce again the modules offered, as they actually save new phone purchases (possibily not fairphones)

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On repairing the mic have a look at the following

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Thank you a lot, @amoun
I read all the soldering adventures attached and it looks a bit too much to me. However, I’ll consider asking for help in some hacklab/hackerspace/makerspace that can help me out with the soldering.

Ah, a solution that hasn’t been mentioned, is to use a “Snowden mic”. That is, the one that comes with some headphones. Select instance - Invidious

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