Main camera not working properly, only in selfie modus

Trying to turn on my camera I got the message: “Sorry, your phone hasn´t got a main camera”. But the camera in selfie modus!

Your profile says that you have a FP1(U). Therefore I moved your post to #help:fp1. Do you really have a FP1?

Also, in the meanwhile, :mag: search the forum for solutions:

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I have a FP1, yes, but the display is quite broken, so I bought a FP2, which main camera is not workning. My profile should say I have both FP1 and FP2, that was what I marked. Could you move my post back to FP2?

Moved your post to #help:fp2.

Does this work?


Perhaps you forgot to confirm that by pressing “Save Changes” in Preferences > Profile?

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Thanks. I will try .

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