Mailaccount gmx - solved! thanks!

I’m trying, to get into my mailaccount but the mailprogramm tells me, the adress or password is invalid. Tried everything. Changing password at gmx and so on. Any ideas?

Which program are you using? What settings exactly did you enter?

Merry Christmas!

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The one, that was already on the phone… Sorry - I´m a stupid woman-user. It just says e-mail… When I open the app, it offers to help me and requires just the mailadress an password. As this didn´t work, I tried it without the help-funktion, but it always tells me, that my address or password is invalid. I also tried the address with and without, what´s after the @. And I changed my password at gmx and tried the new one…

Maybe this link helps you.

Either use the gmx app or enter the correct mail settings.

I can´t believe it! It really helped! Thank you so much! I didn´t think, that it was a problem of the settings as it complained about password and address…