Mail to forum works again! But a little too well

Some of you might have noticed some weird stuff on the forum the last hour. Some months old posts suddenly appeared out of the blue or you might have received mails from the forum in your inbox.

The reason for this is that we fixed the mail-to-forum function that was broken.

Discourse has a feature that allows you to reply to topics from your mail. I found out this wasn’t working and asked it to be repaired. But as soon as it got repaired, Discourse pulled 7 months of messages that had been waiting all that time into the forum.

Lesson learned: we should have emptied the mailbox before reconnecting it to Discourse.

So, the good news is that the reply by e-mail function is working again.
Unfortunately a lot of messages that were stuck in the system only just got delivered now - you may see some replies to older topics and get some delayed mail notifications.


Sounds like you got us a little Zombie invasion just before the delivery of the first phones! :grin:

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I’ve pinned this until Friday so anyone confused about old topics / posts appearing, or others getting replies to these old posts have a better chance of seeing the explanation.

Shouldn’t we delete all the old posts that popped up? They are kind of useless now. I could flag them all so a moderator can delete them… (I already deleted all of mine)

Except for causing confusion for some time until they are buried again these posts don’t do any harm. I deleted some duplicates (when users saw that the email reply didn’t go through so they posted it again.), but I don’t think we need to delete the others.