Mail settings -- deletes mail from server when set not to

I may be a dinosaur, but I only use e-mail on my phone when I’m out and about, which is rarely, as I work from home. I want all of my e-mail to download on my PC, so I intentionally set all my e-mail capable devices to NOT delete messages from the server, until I know I have them on my PC (main work computer). While traveling these past two weeks, I discovered to my horror that a lot of work-related messages had been deleted from the server when I deleted them from my phone. I double-checked the settings, and it definitely “Delete email from server: Never”. So I’ve had to forward them to myself from the trash on the phone, which at least works, but it means the sender is now myself instead of my clients.

Is this a known bug?

What kind of e-mail server do you use? POP3 or IMAP or Exchage?


Ha ha, the message was too short to send with just “pop3” in it. So here’s a longer one. :slight_smile:

Then it should work… I don’t use the default mail app, so I can’t have a look at the settings. Maybe you could try an alternative app like K9 Mail.

I’ve had, and loved, Kaiten (the sequel to K9) mail on several Android devices for three or four years, but a few months ago something happened and the app became extremely unreliable. It received mail without problems, but I discovered that only maybe one in three messages I sent was going through. I did install it on the FairPhone when I got the phone, but Kaiten wouldn’t accept my e-mail settings at all. Then I tried configuring the built-in app and it started working instantly, so I uninstalled Kaiten and went with the built-in app instead. I’m baffled.

If you want to be sure to keep your mails, use IMAP instead of POP3.

The default use of POP3 is to download your mail from the server to your client app and delete your mails from server.

IMAP could be prefered, it works like a mirror. If you chose to delete a mail in you app, it it will be deleted also in the server side. And vice versa. Accessing or synchronizing your mails will never delete them from the server.

But the phone app is specifically set not to delete messages from the server. I’ve double-checked that setting. Downloading the messages doesn’t delete them, it’s deleting them from the phone that does, despite the specific setting that says DON’T.

I admit, I’m a complete ignoramus about IMAP. I have no idea what it is, apart from something to do with receiving e-mail. I’ve only ever received POP3 settings from any of my providers and assumed IMAP was some completely different programming language or something and couldn’t be used unless your service provider used that language.

Most providers let you choose POP or IMAP. Maybe you could try? Settings are pretty similar…

I use exactly the same procedure and have exactly the same problem as DaisysGranddaughter. This is a misery when a customer sends you material, the mail is deleted from the mail server although the app is told to not do so and was not completely downloaded on the FP so that the mail in the trash is without attachment. I had this problem two times this day. :frowning:

And no, I do not want to use IMAP.

I consider this a serious bug.

I deinstalled the default eMail application and installed K9.

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Interestingly, the problem disappeared for me with the next firmware update after I posted the query. I thought it must have just been a programming error that was corrected. Terrible that you’re still getting it. I hear great things about K9. Probably a better app overall.

I have to mention that I use the FP Open OS. Maybe this correction never reached this OS.

I use K9-Mail now and it is definitely the better app.

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