Mail inbox is emptied each time when mail is deleted from server

I use the standard mail app on the fairphone with a POP3 mail account. When I read my mail on the phone it remains on the server until I read my mail on my desktop. In that case the mail is automatically deleted from my inbox on my phone. This was not the case on my previous Android phone. How can I prevent the mail being deleted from my phone each time I download the mail from the server with my desktop?

I believe you have to change the settings of your desktop mail programm. there is somewhere the option to “delete downloaded mails from the server”, you have to uncheck that.
on your old phone you might have had unchecked the option to “delete messages from phone when they are deleted from the server”.

Thanks for your reply, but that is not the problem. I want the mails to be deleted from the server once I have downloaded them to my desktop. However, they should not be deleted from my phone. It seems that the inbox on the phone syncs with the server and I do not want that to happen. My previous phone did not have this issue.

I don’t know about the standard mail app, but in K-9 Mail you can
Settings > Account Settings > Fetching Mail and there is a box beside “Synch Folder Deletions”. If you untick that than the messages will be kept on the phone even if they are deleted from the server

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Thanks Paul. This solved my problem.

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Glad this sorted it for you.

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