Magnetic micro USB port extender with USB OTG support?

I just bought some of these magnetic USB port extenders to protect the micro USB ports of my FP2 and my tablet and discovered that USB OTG is not working. I tested with both a USB stick and a HackRF one SDR. Both devices usually work on my phone and tablet. I even tried with a USB hub behind the USB OTG cable, just in case the power is not coming through, but with no success.
Can anyone recommend a similar product that has full USB OTG support ?

Never seen that before. Looks like a cool idea, although in some reviews the magnets are said to be so strong, that you pull the plug instead of the magnetic connection.

As I have no experience, I just can say, that the connections on this cable:

Also available on

to me look more promising.
Customer reviews are mixed as well.
Maybe try posting this question on amazon at all those magnetic adapters.
As far as I could make out this question has not been posted for this adapter (or the others I checked); and this point seems not to have been discussed in the customer reviews.

I have had the same experience with two different magnetic adapters, I bought at eBay. I am also interested very much in a magnetic adapter with working USB OTG!

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