M$-Exchange account prohibits new WLAN connection!

Hello there

Something rather strange happened here:

  • I have installed a MS-Exchange account for syncing calendar and contacts. Mail sync is set inactive.
  • When I want to add a new WLAN access (WPA, others not tested), the “connect” button is set inactive in the popup window. It’s not possible to add the new connection.
  • If I delete the MS-Exchange account, I can add new WLANs again.
  • I add the MS-Exchange again, everything looks ok.
  • The new added WLAN access remains and is functioning as usual.

I never heard about this issue, our “IT-Mechanic” says that there is no link between MS-Exchange and WLAN, even if the credentials in MS-Exchange are set quite paranoid.

Did anybody have similar experience? Any ideas, how to solve this? Thx for any answer in advance…



when you add exchange accounts it is possible that the server forces specific device rules on you. It should usually tell you what. Did you see any such info when adding the account?
I use an exchange account on my phone and my WiFi still works as expected.So I don’t think it’s a general problem.

Hello there

Thx for your quick response.

Yes, I saw the info, but there were no notifications about WLAN, just the usual Remote controls like password reset, content deleting etc. The most strange is, that it worked fine already in an other company…

Our IT-fellow swears that some kind of WLAN handling does not exist in the exchange preferences. Does anybody knows the possibilities of the settings? Could it be something like “paranoid option pack” or similar? M$ is known for such stupid stuff in some ways…

Other possibility: Is there a different Exchange handler existing? May I install some alternatives? Which one?

Thx for all answers again…


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