Lush UK chooses Fairphone from Phone Co-op!

I have just spotted this news which I thought was worthy of sharing

LUSH chooses Fairphone, the conflict free smartphone the phone co-op will be supplying their monthly contracts!

and also related Reconnecting with ethics: an alternative future for smartphones


Having just noticed a Twitter link to an announcement on the Lush Lens website, my eyes widened a bit when I read this line in the middle of the text:

And there are no plans to stop there, as part of Lush Digital’s tech for good vision, Lush have purchased ten Fairphone devices for staff and the in-house tech team are also working with Fairphone to develop an ethical tablet for future use.
[emphasis mine]


Just another misunderstanding (like the one last year about Android 8 to come to the FP2) or an actual leaking of new territory? Maybe someone can clarify? :angel:


Folks, this is related in (company) name only. I did notice Chris’s topic before, but his article does not include any reference to the tablet bit.

Maybe we should continue discussion here then? :thinking:

Let’s leave it here for now. I would guess the “in-house tech team” is not located in the Milano store that the article I quoted refers to, but rather in a company HQ. :wink:

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Hi guys,

Let me clarify this, as there is a small misunderstanding. We are trying to contact Lush to rectify that statement on the tablet, because it does send the wrong idea.

The quick story behind it is that Lush is working on developing a tablet (their own product), and are using our advice/expertise/supply chain as guidelines.



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