Low volume after update (A.0107.20210513)

I installed the system update yesterday and now I cant turn the volume up as high as I used to. Very annoying when listening to music och podcast. Really hard to hear actually when there is noise around.
Anyone else experienced this problem?
Any smart people who knows how to fix this?

What system update did you install on which device, please?


I have a FP3, and the new version was 8901.3.A.0107.20210513 ( maybe systemupdate isn’t the right name😉)

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Your description is fine, though I don’t have the problem after the update, in fact I see no other such complaint. Maybe you could start the phone in safe mode to see if it is any different.

You could also delete the cache for the app you are using.

Settings > Apps and notifications > SEE ALL ## APPS > the app you are using that shows the problem >Storage and cache

Is it the same using a browser for a live streaming podcast and/or a downloaded file?

Does other music play OK.

I’m going to edit the title if that’s OK to indicate this recent update as there are similar issue with other updates (volume etc.)

Thank you both so very much!! I tried it all and now it is working fine again!
Wow! So glad!


What did you actauly do to resolve it?

Hmmm… not sure, I tried the safe mode but then I could not hear any sound at all so I changed it back and deleted the cache on the app and then restarted the phone and voilà!


The safe mode should only disable your custom apps, sound should still work via the default ones. What app did you delete the cache from?

Here is a better link to entering safe mode (FP3) for future reference :slight_smile:

I deleted the cache from Spotify. (Which was silent during safe mode, of course, now I understand why :face_with_hand_over_mouth:) Thanks for the link and thanks again for your help.

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