Loudspeaker stopped working

Any suggestions for how to make the …ear/internal/bottom speaker work again?
When receiving or making a call without using bluetooth or the loud-loudspeaker (Which I gather is referred to as top speaker?) Otherwise I can’t hear anything, but the microphone works.

I tried the trick with Accessibility Settings > Mono > balance all the way to the left and it didn’t fix the issue. Do I need to do a reboot?

My suspicion is that its a SW problem, not a HW. Kind of like if the speaker jammed in switched off position because of using bluetooth headset, all though I turned off bluetooth.

FP bought January 22, Buildnumber: FP4.SP2G.B.079.20230624

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To find out if something is a hardware or software issue, the Fairphone 4 has an extensive set of hardware tests. Dial this (in your telephone app) to access all tests:

* # * # 2 8 8 6 # * # *



It first resulted in the below, but after I switched off Bluetooth it reported all as working
…In other words I believe the speaker worked during test, however still not in real life…

Speakbox top speaker


Speakbox bottom speaker

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