Lots of issues I've been dealing with for a long while now. Wanna know how to fix them

It doesn’t sound like you’re trying to do more than what the phone is capable of. To me, this sounds more like a hardware issue with the display or SoC, probably a bit of both.

If you don’t manage to find a solution, feel free to #contactsupport and make sure to mention what you’ve already tried. Unfortunately Dec 2019 is outside the warranty period so if you want to send your phone in for repair, it will be at your cost.

Good luck!


I have a new issue recently. Charging doesn’t seem to work correctly.
I need to have the USB cable in a very specific angle or the phone refuses to charge or sometimes only charge slowly and stop charging after a while and then I have to try to find the new angle. And, more annoyingly, it sometimes just restarts when I plug it into a charger.
This happens with any USB cable and charger, even those who have worked flawlessly for years with the phone.

I already replaced the USB-C module a while ago.

Well unless you are collecting debris in the port it could just be a mis match of one of the cables and the port. All it would need is one to bend a port contact.

If you want responses to your specific issue you may have more in a thread dedicated to charging ans USB ports.

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