Lost recovery option and operating system om my FP2

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Being a rather new FP/Android “client” I do suffer from lack of technical skills to be able to reinstall such a formatted and cleared phone. I can access TWRP controlling FP2 from my Win10pc, and are able to access TWRP page with multiple menus on my phone. But “swipe to factory reset” only leads to a screen with Factory Reset Complete successfull. This takes a few seconds making filesystems and partitioning. Thereafter Reboot leads to a screen telling me “No OS installed”!!!
So could you advice an amateur how to proceed using something like TWRP, adb, … with a detailed simplified cookbook to end up with a almost working FP2?
I do not care which OS appearing after this rescue task.



Well this did not help a lot. Reaching the Team Win Recovery Project, the recovery fails, as mentioned. Lack of recovery image?


A factory reset removes user data. This effectively means a reset of the OS to default settings. It does not do a reinstall of an OS, restore a wiped system partition, or roll back the OS version to an older version. If you wiped your OS, a factory reset will not bring it back. The guide that @AnotherElk linked to in his post includes details on how to reinstall an OS if you wiped it at stage 5.


If you only did something that you mentioned before then I guess you didn’t follow the guide completely.
Which step gives you trouble? Perhaps something in the guide can be worded better?


Brilliant, even doable for me. I had a mixture of fastboot and TWRP installed, but SDK update made it workable.
No, at least, I’m back to where I started.
Thank you!