Lost recovery option and operating system om my FP2

Being a rather new FP/Android “client” I do suffer from lack of technical skills to be able to reinstall such a formatted and cleared phone. I can access TWRP controlling FP2 from my Win10pc, and are able to access TWRP page with multiple menus on my phone. But “swipe to factory reset” only leads to a screen with Factory Reset Complete successfull. This takes a few seconds making filesystems and partitioning. Thereafter Reboot leads to a screen telling me “No OS installed”!!!
So could you advice an amateur how to proceed using something like TWRP, adb, … with a detailed simplified cookbook to end up with a almost working FP2?
I do not care which OS appearing after this rescue task.

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Well this did not help a lot. Reaching the Team Win Recovery Project, the recovery fails, as mentioned. Lack of recovery image?

A factory reset removes user data. This effectively means a reset of the OS to default settings. It does not do a reinstall of an OS, restore a wiped system partition, or roll back the OS version to an older version. If you wiped your OS, a factory reset will not bring it back. The guide that @AnotherElk linked to in his post includes details on how to reinstall an OS if you wiped it at stage 5.

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If you only did something that you mentioned before then I guess you didn’t follow the guide completely.
Which step gives you trouble? Perhaps something in the guide can be worded better?

Brilliant, even doable for me. I had a mixture of fastboot and TWRP installed, but SDK update made it workable.
No, at least, I’m back to where I started.
Thank you!

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