Lost most functionalities after upgrade to 17.08.1

Hi all,

I just upgraded to 17.08.1 and now only have very basic android functionalities. I can’t even restart. All I have left is Power Off.

I tried to reinstall. But no joy. Anyone able to guide me through how to roll back?

many thanks in advance!

Well, the options you find when pressing the power button unfortunatly have changed with Android 6. You’ll have to get used to access them by swiping down the munu bar with two fingers. And to restart the phone, just power it off and then on.


Ok, who is able to read clearly has an advantage…

Not sure I like it. Ah well…

Thanks though!


Well, I doubt that rolling back would be a good idea in general since you obviously came from a pretty old software version which doesn’t include the latest security patches. Since you already own one of the few phones for which monthly updates are provided you should also install them. Last but not least this might help you once you should need to replace a part of your phone and the replacement requires new drivers, like e.g. the screen.


So you are able to install from scratch and don’t like Android 6 too much?
How about Android 7 in the form of LineageOS then :wink: ? Info over here.

Don’t forget to backup internal storage (pictures, contacts, ringtones etc.).
If you need Google Apps, just additionally install them via Open GApps.


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