Lost icons from screen

Delighted with the phone so dismayed that my icons have disappeared from screen leaving just the wallpaper! How do I get them to display with just one swipe as they did up to today?

Try the following
Swipe from side to middle, tap “all apps” icon (‘circle with six dots’).
Go to the app you need on the main page.
Very gently touch the app and hold you’re finger there, don’t remove it from the screen.
Wait till the screen changes from the apps-list into the main page.
With still you’re finger on the screen place the app where you want it.
Then release your finger from the screen.

Thanks for such a prompt answer and it worked! (Must have been something I did before without realising…)

Google Play automatically creates icons to the installed apps, so maybe that is why you did not remember how the icons got to the home screen.