Lost Fairphone3 In a Flixbuss (Lots of stickers)

I recently (one week ago) left my Fairphone 3 in the Flixbuss from Brussels to (Hamburg) it had lots of stickers on it and on the battery itself too. Also had a black bumper on it. I filled out the lost and found form from Flixbuss but so far no luck! If anyone comes across it Please let me know!

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If you can still find the IMEI number(s) (e.g. from the package the FP3 came in), please contact Fairphone Support to submit these to them. They are keeping a list of Fairphones reported as lost or stolen so people buying Fairphones second hand can check if an offer is legitimate. I know it doesn’t really help you, but it could help others.


If your phone is connected to a Google account, you can try to locate it using find my phone. You can also lock your device with a password and add a message to the lock screen, good luck :slight_smile:

If you aren’t running the stock rom you might want look into whether whichever rom you are on provides a similar service.