Lost delivery, DHL says it not their fault

Hi dear!
I ordered a new screen (since I had no response from support I decided to buy a new screen) on the 14th of July. Today, 2 nd of August, still no news. I have a tracking number and DHL says that fairphone sent the documents but did not send the actual parcel. The thing is I still haven´t received anything, having paid for the product and the delivery.

Well, then you should definitely contact Fairphone. If they delivered the parcel to DHL they’ll have a receipt, can make it an insurance case and send you a new one. If they didn’t deliver it, you’ll remind them to do so.


I agree with @mgkoeln
I would give them a call so you can quickly clarify what happened.

Since the support team has a huge backlog, it may take a while to receive an answer on a mail.


Thanks, will call this afternoon!

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