Lost contacts after update

I’ve just done the new update and re-installed google apps but all my contacts seem to have disappeared. Does anyone know how I get them back?

Is your wifi symbol in the status bar grey? If so download any app from the play store to reactivate google synch. Then wait a while and the contacts should come back

Thanks for this suggestion and your quick reply. I’ve done that and restarted the phone, but still no contacts…

Did the color of the Wifi symbol change?

If they don’t come back (it might still take a while, depending on your wifi strength) then maybe the contacts weren’t stored in the “cloud” but locally, in wich case I’m afraid you can only get them back if you made a backup.

I think they wouldn’t have been deleted by the update if they were being stored locally (unless the “storage upgrader” was used)

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I have the same problem - after each update I loose some of my contacts. I can’t tell why some are kept and others are not. This is really annoying. Can I do something about this so this won’t happen again? I save contact usually under “Microsoft Exchange” (not on Google, SIM or telephone). Is that a bad idea? Do I have to save under Google to keep them?
Grateful for a hint, thanks!

I don’t know Microsoft Exchange but did you add the account again after the update?
It’s probably best to save contacts on the phone storage and make a backup before every update.

Thank you for the prompt reply! Do I understand correctly that best is to save contacts onto the SIM, that they will be deleted by each update and that I need to reimport them after each update? Is there any way I dont have to reimport them but that they will just stay and not disappear each time? Thanks!

I wouldn’t store them on the sim but on the phone. Usually an update doesn’t delete any user data but a backup is still recommended. If you store contacts locally and not on the cloud and ever do loose all data you have to have a backup, that’s the downside.
If you store them in the cloud you have to reconnect after every update.

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