Lost contacts after random reboot (FP2)

Hi there,

Since I got it last month, my FP2 keeps rebooting for no apparent reason, now and again. I saw on this forum that this is quite a common problem.
But this morning, after another reboot, all my contacts were gone! I’m using the “Phone” and the “Contacts” apps (which I didn’t know were two separate apps, actually).

The thing is, I’m not 100% sure where my contacts were stored. My old contacts (from my old phone) were in my SIM card, and I believe I had imported them into the device memory when I got the FP. Then I had changed some things (names…) and added new contacts. Now the old contacts are still in the SIM card, but the modifications and new contacts are gone.
Also, when I try now to import these contacts from my SIM card, I can only import them to my gmail or outlook account. There is no option to import them into the device memory (as I believe, from the interactive tutorial that is available in this website, there should be). So I guess this is where the problem lies : device memory is gone, or not accessible, or the apps aren’t linked to it anymore. Any clue what I solve this ? I’ve already waited a few hours and rebooted the device some 10 times.

Any help is very welcome, thank you very much!

Did you check if this is just a display issue of the contact app?
I’m not 100% sure but I think it is possible to select which contacts (SIM, local, Google,…) are shown.

To habe your contacts locally in the phone (w/o any synchronisation) you can install the app MyLocalAccount (e.g. from Play Store).

I have the same issue, did not find a solution.
When I looked at my call history the first time since that happened, i briefly saw the name of the contact, only to change into their phone number.
Right now i only have 3 contacts or so left.
My battery depleted once + i have the ‘random reboot problem’ too.
If somenone has a solution, please let me know.

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