Lost and Lonely Earbuds

Earbuds, being small and designed to be ‘forgotten’ while we are using them, are easily lost - particularly within the first few days when we haven’t yet established the habit of securing them back in the case after use. Even then, it is easy to misplace the case with one of the earbuds inside, leaving you with only one earbud and no way to charge it.
If that is your experience, please share with the community.
Do you have a particular routine to ensure that you don’t lose your earbuds on the commute to work? Have you decided never to wear them when gardening or jogging? Or do you always wear a Beanie hat over your ears when using them outdoors?
Let us know how you protect your earbuds - or how you lost them!
Perhaps others may be saved from the disaster of ending up with a lonely single earbud, like me.

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I’ve been using them for 3 years. My only routine is to make sure I’m not taking the buds in or out near rail tracks at train stations or stairs, basically anywhere where the buds can fall into places hard to reach or find.

No issues with even the strongest storms. I cycle basically every day and live in The Netherlands, so bad weather is the default.

The moment to be most careful is when you take the buds in or out. I put the case in my jacket right after that. Never lost them. I had more issues with wired buds that would get stuck and then they are pulled out my ears. Also wires that get messy or broken. Bluetooth has been great for me. Lasts longer as well.

Yesterday I gave my old Jabra Elite 65t buds to my partner because she uses Bluetooth buds, but they’re connected with a wire. That wire has now a faulty connection. I expect to receive my Fairphone buds today.

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If you are talking about Fairphone’s TWS earphones, this might be of interest to you (sentence #3 – however, right now I am realizing that my original conclusion that the R and L earbuds will be available individually is not a total given from Miquel’s wording):

As for my own experience, so far I haven’t been in typical commuter or travellings situations with my TWS earphones yet. As uppercase, I always take the case with me as well when using the earphones outdoors. So far I haven’t even experienced an earbud dropping to the ground. I think one little-discussed advantage of wireless earphones is that while the mere risk of those falling out of the ears by themselves appears high at first thought, we still underestimate the impact of earphone wires getting entangled somewhere and suddenly ripping the things out of our ears with brute force. With wireless earphones, I can always sense in time when they might gradually lose contact and need readjustment.


I do notice that the FP earbuds are not as tightly locked in my ear as my old Jabra Elite 65t. But I need to experiment a bit more with the attachment size and the position in my ear.

Do the FP earbuds confidently stay locked in your ears with a heavy storm and activities?

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For now I cannot judge this, I haven’t been in the situation yet.


I can confirm that earbuds will be available individually. We are getting ready for it.


Can you advise on timescales?

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Hi, Miki,
I need to purchase a left earbud. I would very much appreciate it if you would keep me posted on availablity. Many thanks, Peter.

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Stay tuned for our website in about one month time. Thanks!


For those like @xjstrider who might be interested:

I’ve just lost the box of my earbuds, it fell from my pocket, while I was biking, it was then crushed by cars until I found it. But the earbuds were on my ears, so these are fine. Unfortunately I can’t charge them anymore.

So for the time waiting the spare parts to be available, who wants to share with me an order of Fairphone earbuds? I’ll only take the box, I propose 30€ for each earbud.


Hi, Antoine, I’d happily take the Left earbud for 30 Euro. Not sure how to contact you outside of this forum.


The best way is by sending a PM (private message through this forum).
You just need to spend some time on the forum, reading some posts (maybe 10) in different topics.
Then you will be promoted to “Basic User” and have the option of sending a PM.
Just click on the avatar or user name first and then in the popup click on message.



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Hi, Antoine, just to bump this thread - any word on when the single earbuds will be available?

Hi Have you asked to be notified by Fairphone ?


I have, but no change to the ‘coming soon’ comment on the FP advert and no word from the company as to when they will be available.

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