Loss of mobile data


Mobile data is working on boot but if I turn it off once, it won’t work again even if I turn it back on.
When I use the wifi hotspot and connect with my computer, if a put the computer to sleep, the mobile data will also stop working.
A reboot usually solves the problem, but it’s quite annoying.
Wifi works fine, the issue is only with mobile data (4G/3G, etc.)
The issue seems not to occur systematically though, which makes it harder to debug/reproduce.
I will post here again and try to describe what I was doing when it occurs again in the future.

What I tried

I searched for similar issues on the forum and tried several things

  • Resetting the APN / manually setting the APN parameters : this seemed to help a bit, but the issue keeps coming again
  • move the sim card to the other slot: didn’t changed anything

What I have

Phone: Fairphone 2
OS: Fairphone Open 22.06.0-rel.0
Internet provider: Orange (french provider)

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