Losing incoming calls

I keep loosing incoming calls and suffer from excessive wait for dial tone outwards. Incoming calls often results in a switch to operators auto answer system. Outbound calls often times out before even receiving the dial tone. What’s keeping the FP2 to busy to operate phone calls? Suffering from SIM-card connection problem? Is it possible to diagnose the SIM-connection? Be aware that my FP2 suffers from almost muted speaker volume within telephone calls, and that the left part of my touch screen is out of reach.

Did you have a look at this thread?

It sounds similar.

Not quite similar, though with some similarities. My FP2 do not freeze. I just do not get any call signal for many of my incoming calls. There is no second SIM-card in my FP2. Trying to make a call takes forever reaching the network provider (Telenor) and in many cases times out.

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