LOS16 on FP2 no more notifications for SMS and missed phone calls

I am new to this forum so I am not sure if it is the right place to post.
I bought a new FP2 10 months ago, installed FPOpen and finally LOS 15.1. Worked mostly wonderful. Recently I updated to LOS 16. There are some minor and major issues. What now is annoying: I don’t get these notifications dots (not sure about the English word for it) if there are new SMSs or missed phone calls. I checked and tried all the many settings with no avail.

Under “Apps & Notifications” (translated from German “Apps & Benachrichtigungen”) it states at the bottom that notifications were deactivated for 2 Apps. When I select phone or SMS settings I can switch on App notification points in the submenu, but the button for “show notifications” (German “Benachrichtigungen anzeigen”) is grayed out.

LOS build number: lineage_FP2-userdebug 9 PQ3A,190705.00349de821b5a

Has anybody experienced the same issue? Any ideas how to fix that?

Thanks for any help in advance!

In german:
Apps & Benachrichtigungen -> Benachrichtigungen -> Benachrichtigungspunkte zulassen

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Thank you, but that is of course checked.
Under “Apps & Benachrichtigungen” there is a topic below the Apps list “Benachrichtigungen” (“Notfications”) where it says “Für 2 Apps deaktiviert” (“deactivated for 2 apps”).
If I select the particular apps Phone or SMS there is a submenu “App-Info” where “Benachrichtigungen” shows “An”. If I select this there is another submenu where it reads “Nachrichten” (“Messages”), and there is topic “Benachrichtigungen anzeigen” (“show notifications”) which is switched off and grayed out so that I cannot activate it.
No idea what deactived that and how to activate it. In LOS 15 I never had to deal with that.
Thank you anyway!
Any idea much appriciated!

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