Looking to buy FP2 (in Canada)


Looking for an FP2 that will ship to Canada. Getting a new one from ecosto seems to be one option, but before I commit to that I thought I would see if there are any economical used options first. Thank you!

Need spare parts but live in CANADA

Realised that I actually can get a new one shipped through ecosto that ends up being only about 350EUR shipped, due to not being subject to VAT. So think I’m going to go that way. Thanks!

Accross the globe

I would do so as well.
This way ou get a right to return the product within 14 days and a warranty.

Just noticed, that replacement batteries might be hard to come by outside of Europe.
So take good care of your battery and have a look at the #batteryguide or some online information on how to treat batteries best. :wink:


Yeah…that is something I’m a bit concerned about, since diminishing battery life is always the first thing to bother me on a phone. However, I have some backup plans (I know a lot of people who travel to Europe at least occasionally, as do we - and worst comes to worst, I found a forwarding company in Europe that can forward them on through just one of their delivery providers). :slight_smile: Fingers crossed that this’ll work!


Bear in mind that you might have to pay Canadian VAT after the parcel touches down (unless you have a special tax-exempt status, e.g. when you are a business yourself). At least that is the way it would be in opposite direction: Customs holds the parcel until you pick it up and pay the tax bill – or the delivery service will charge you at your door. In some cases such parcels slip through customs though, it’s a bit of a lottery.


That is true - but there’s the same chance of having to do that any way I get one, even on used items. And our GST is substantially lower than VAT, as well.


As an update - I ordered Sunday, phone arrived today! Paid about $42 CAD in duties, so overall definitely didn’t work out badly on costs. And since it’s only supposed to get up to -25 or so this weekend, I’ll have plenty of indoor time over the next couple of days to get it all set up!

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