Looking for (used) camera module FP2

Hi, my FP2 seems to short-circuit at the camera+torch module: the torch start as soon as the battery is inserted. My pone is 4 years old and I deperately want to hold on to it and not buy a new one… Unfortunately the module is not sold anymore…
Does anybody have an old (or updated) FP2 module with the camera+torch? If the short-circuit is caused in that module my problem might be solved!


Hi Sophie,
Sure that could spare you one of the older 8MP single flash units to check it’s not a core module problem. Don’t know your location but as I am in UK covering postage maybe a little higher than if sourced from elsewhere within EU.

Hi Aspergerguy,

Thanks for your quick reply! The single flash unit you refer to, is it “the whole module with 3 blue screws” of the original FP2…?

I have taken out the module and the phone is working now, so there is chance that the issue is in the module. It would be great if you could send me your module, I will of course pay the shipping costs to the Netherlands!

Kind regards,


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