Looking for stock fingerprint for Fairphone 3

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MagiskHide Props Config is a project which enables you to change prop values. This is useful for a number of things, including bypassing SafetyNet checks. The project has options built in for many devices, including the Fairphone 2, but not the Fairphone 3. I would like to add support for the Fairphone 3, but I’m not running a stock ROM, and I can’t revert as Fairphone haven’t released the stock images for the Fairphone 3 yet.

Therefore, I’m looking for someone, with a Fairphone 3/3+, running a stock ROM, to run the following commands in the adb shell:

getprop ro.build.fingerprint
getprop ro.build.version.security_patch
getprop ro.product.brand
getprop ro.product.name
getprop ro.product.device
getprop ro.build.version.release
getprop ro.build.id
getprop ro.build.version.incremental
getprop ro.build.display.id
getprop ro.build.version.sdk
getprop ro.product.manufacturer
getprop ro.product.model 

This is a big ask, but if anyone is able to run this set of commands, report what they return, and give their consent for this information to be used in an open-source project, then it would be very much appreciated, and a great help for the community. Thank you for your help in advance.

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I thought they did? Look for example at

Manually install Fairphone OS on FP3/FP3+ – Support

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I completely missed this - cheers!

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