Looking for second hand fairphone

Looking to buy a second hand fairphone, whether its Fairphone 2 or 3.

Could receive it in Spain or France.


NB: If you are interested and want to send a direct message, please check #how-to-dm.
Be aware, that cross-border shipment of batteries outside a phone is virtually impossible for individuals.

Hi @juliette1 Welcome to the forum, not that I have a phone to offer but good luck hope you get a nice one.

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Hello Juliette,
If you can wait something like one month, you may get more offers here, because Fairphone is announcing a new Fairphone 4 model for September.
(indeed in spite of the apparent vagueness of the long thread, various people found this is a FP4, as for instance it was declared in various administrative mandatory filings)
So I expect a range of users here will switch…

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Maybe ?? ~ maybe not ??

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There is nothing sure about a FP4, only guessing. So I wouldn’t speculate.

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Amoun, Incanus, like you I don’t like speculations. But there are facts.
This, for instance :
A “Fairphone 4 5G” was certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance on August 9, notes the German-language site WinFuture. The certification mentions Android 11, and Wi-Fi firmware that points to Qualcomm as a returning processor supplier. It’s not clear when the phone might actually ship, although wireless certification tends to imply a finished product is just months or weeks away.
And now thanks to Fairphone’s own annouces we know this is for September.

That’s two speculations :slight_smile:

That’s a certification process conclusion and the announcement of a date.
Do you really believe they certified their next phone, and then confirmed September, but for a totally different product (not certified, so, impossible to sell in September)?
If I dare, that would be more speculative than me :slight_smile:.

The only uncertainty here is why they are announcing this has the potential of ‘changing the world’. I personally doubt just switching 5G would be enough for this. Some speculate, indeed, that there may be an OS evolution, or a new deal with Google. But, to me, that’s the only speculation left.
And to get back to this thread, I stand by my position : the OP should wait a couple weeks, if she can, because there will be a (small) surge in second-hand Fairphones once the new model is out.

The world will change without any effort from the self proclaimed ‘homo sapiens’, just how is always speculation no matter the probability factor.

Although the appearance of the name ‘Fairphone 4 5G’ might be a fact, it is still no fact, that such a phone will be released in September 2021. Especially as Fairphone as a small manufacturer, needs more time between start of development and release, than the big players in the mobile phone market.

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Thanks for the info, i’ll wait until september and if nothing happens, i’ll have to buy a new one! not sustainable at all but… it seems v difficult to find any second hand fairphone

FWIW, there is also a new batch of the former Fairphone 3 model that recently reappeared on the Fairphone store.
The only difference with the ‘3+’ model is a higher-defintion camera.
If you are not after high-def cams you may buy one of these now : they are some 50€ cheaper than the FP3+. But IMHO the cost for FP3s will also lower next month.

Two cameras and the core module has a +2Db extra amp to go with the new speaker

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