Looking for rooting recommendations after Cherry 1.6 update


I have a Fairphone FP1.
After the Cherry v1.6 update, I suddenly realized that the phone was not rooted anymore, that was stated in the software update 1.6 log with the following line “Adb no longer runs as root”,

So, do you have any recommendations or tutorials on the Fairphone way to root & unroot the phone so that we can access the same fantastic features as before the update? Like for example:

  • The amazing DroidWall that creates a firewall and lets you choose which app can send 3G data when you are abroad!!
  • Blocking some news websites you’re addicted to, or even ads if you want
  • Using Titanium to make full backups of your phone
  • Endless etc …


Actually, the phone is still rooted. I can use Titanium Backup, and also other apps which need /root rights.

The change just means that the debug bridge is no longer running a s root. However, given it’s a rooted phone, you still can run it as root. Actually, you should be able to choose this in [Settings] [Developer options] and check-mark [USB debugging]. There you go. Titanium running. Smoothly.



Well, thanks for the reply, I actually managed to edit my host file with adb!


But why not allow running adb as root at all ?

I just went through huge troube to overcome this internal storage timestamp issue (while restoring old phone storage after storage layout upgrade), and getting adb push running root was the key. I ended up using adbd insecure from previous forum link.

Shouldn’t FairPhone allow us to run adb as root, while running non-root by default? Currently adb root returns “adbd cannot run as root in production builds”.

Cheers :heart::sunflower::ear_of_rice:

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