Looking for FP3/FP3+ back cover

I’m looking for a back cover for my FP3. I’m okay with the transparent one from FP3 or the black one from the FP3+. Even with scratches, it’s fine.

I use a sticky adapter to put the phone on my bike and I would like a second back cover without the sticky adapter when I’m not riding.
I could get one from the official store but the delivery cost for France is 10€ and I find that a bit expensive for such a small and light spare part. Plus, reusing something is always better than buying a new one :wink:

I live near Marseille, France.
I’m willing to pay up to 20€ if it’s in a good shape + a bit for the delivery cost (but not 10€ :sweat_smile:). So let’s say 23€!
Have a nice day.

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